Our Story:

New Traditions Farm is an 8-acre heirloom vegetable & CSA farm located approximately 100 miles away from Chicago in rural Whitewater, WI. The farm is situated in a unique glacially-formed moraine eco-system and is nestled between two protected conservation areas, providing a perfect refuge for bio-diversity and rich soil for our vegetables to thrive in.

We are proud to offer our customers over 160 varieties of rare, unusual and heirloom vegetables, all of which have been carefully selected for their excellent taste and unique appearance.

New Traditions Farm is deeply committed to practicing sustainable and organic agriculture.Work on our farm is conducted much in the same way it has been for generations: by the sweat of our brow and work of our hands. Absolutely no synthetic chemicals, pesticides or herbicides are permitted.

All of our vegetables are harvested and processed by hand, insuring an impeccable product that has been handled with the utmost care. Whether you’re a chef or farm-share member, you can be sure that your produce will have been picked and packed within 24-hours of purchase.

Our Practices:

  • 100% GMO Free Seed Stock
  • Absolutely No Synthetic Pesticides, Herbicides or Fungicides Permitted
  • Extensive Cover Cropping & Rotation To Maintain Good Soil Health
  • Extensive Use of Compost & Compost Tea To Promote Healthy Soil Biology
  • Drip Irrigation Conserves Water & Reduces Disease
  • Beneficial Insects Are Used To Prevent Damage from Pests
  • Row Cover & Insect Screening Are Used As Often As Possible To Reduce Need For Spraying (Organic Approved Pesticides Only)


Photos Of The Farm:

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